Oral Argument

Oral argument is an opportunity for the appellate lawyer to address the court about the issues in the case. It is a chance for the appellate lawyer to answer the judges’ questions and to clarify any misunderstanding about the facts or arguments. Marjorie Gadarian Graham has regularly presented oral arguments in all five Florida appellate courts and the Federal Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Additionally, she has argued on numerous occasions before the Florida Supreme Court.

In addition to arguing in the state trial and appellate courts, Marjorie has also argued before commissions and panels including the Martin County Board of County Commissioners. The third video is a portion of an argument she made to the Martin County Board of County County Commissioners regarding an application for a 4COP liquor license She won approval of the application on behalf of a small restaurant in Hobe Sound.


Oral argument by MGG before the Fourth District Court of Appeal in Hancock vs. Schor.

Oral argument by MGG before the Florida Supreme Court in Vargas vs Enterprise Leasing.

Argument by MGG before the Martin Board of County Commissioners, regarding
the application of Flash Beach Grill for approval of a 4 COP liquor license.